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civic83 09-11-2012 05:06 AM

Dec 2 Burlington Santa clause parade
Anyone interested in running the Burlington Santa parade? We ran it last year and the kids loved it! Let me know!

1985 kenworth 09-11-2012 10:22 AM

Re: Dec 2 Burlington Santa clause parade
that sounds like a plan...any date set yet

REV73 09-11-2012 08:31 PM

Re: Dec 2 Burlington Santa clause parade
I am very interested in doing the parade, but only if if the weather co-operates and the road is dry. This may sound a bit prissy, but I have put too much time, and too much money into making my truck look as nice as I can to go getting it wet and/or dirty or snowy. I would suggest that if we are doing it, we get a large banner made and we find 2 people who would be willing to carry it in front of us as we make our way. then we follow behind whoever is carrying the banner and perhaps run some sort of figure 8 pattern or something somewhat choreographed as opposed to just running aimlessly around.....but that does sound fun also!!!

1985 kenworth 09-28-2012 10:02 AM

Re: Dec 2 Burlington Santa clause parade
i agree with you mike and no you are not being prissy:D,you like others take great pride in their builds and also know that one small bad decision can ruin the hard work and money spent in these trucks:eek:.as long as the weather co-operates i will come there;)

Radio Control Trucker 09-28-2012 11:02 AM

Re: Dec 2 Burlington Santa clause parade
With the time allowed, what if some of the men built a float to be pulled by a tractor. The float could have a couple of buildings, some roadway, and even a small quarry for some r/c construction equipment. The trucks could drive around on the float and be viewed from all angles by the public and a banner could easily be mounted overhead to announce the name of the club and website for the group. The only person you need to agree upon is who drives the tractor to pull the float.

Just a thought... :D:D:D


civic83 09-28-2012 08:54 PM

Re: Dec 2 Burlington Santa clause parade
we ran last year in a light drizzle and it was no biggie really. my buddy pays the entry fee so what we do is put his company logo on small banners and hang them under the trailers like a real float, by driving on the road we can get nice and close to the crowds so they canreally check them out.

REV73 09-28-2012 09:10 PM

Re: Dec 2 Burlington Santa clause parade
I never thought of it, but as a result of my involvement in the fair, I participate in 3 parades each summer, the Ancaster Heritage Days parade, the Lynden Canada day parade, and the Dundas cactus fest parade, maybe next year we can try them out. and I don't believe there is any entry fee for any of those parades, and tons of people come out to each one!! Something to think about for next summer.

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