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Originally Posted by JAMMER View Post
Nice ride, curious what is under the Hood? The last Tanker I drove had a 550 Cat with a Jake and a 9 speed trans, 9th was overdrive and in 9 th gear is were it stayed most of the time up hill and down. It was a joy to drive didn't shift much. Hauld a lot of oils and chemicales all over the states and eastern Canada. Ed
Thanks . It has a 500 hp 60 series Detroit motor in it. It has a Jake also. Kinda like this one. It's a little slow on the take off but once ya get it whound up ya don't know the trailer is back there lol. I asked him about putting some lights on it and he said that I could but I don't think he understood the words that came out of my mouth ���� lol.

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