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Default Smokey and the Bandit Truck and Trailer Replica

hi guys and gals ..i know this truck has been done probably a million times in r/c now....i decided to build one to add to my collection of famous trucks and trailers from the movies and TV.its based on the kinghauler chassis and the coffin bunk has been scratchbuilt and again the hood which was cut down to a short nose from Eric Oehme,the trailer is based on the tamiya van/box trailer .i set the suspension all the way to the rear,the custom mudflaps are from exclusive r/c ,rear trailer bumper scratchbuilt and painted by me .The sheet decals are from a gent over in the UK which you can find on e-bay .I tried to stay as true to the real truck even down to the scratchbuilt square small front bumper with the hood step in it ..hope you like it
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