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Default Telemetry data of hydraulic pressure

Been window shopping for a fresh radio and see Jeti has a ton of telemetry options. Battery voltage/current/capacity are straightforward as are motor RPM and temp since the airplane guys all use such data. They have air pressure for altitude, but it's not gonna work for hydraulic pressure.

It might be possible to acquire pump output pressure with a workaround. An industrial transducer can output 0-10V proportional to sensed value. Selecting a 1000psi sensor would output 4.50V at 450psi. As far as I can tell there is no way to apply the correction factor to the value in the radio, so it's probably best to stick to a base 10 multiplier. It gives up some accuracy since the sensor is capable of reading much higher pressure than we're actually using.

This 4.50V =450Psi value can be piped into the transmitter with a voltage reporting telemetry dongle like the S30 servo power meter. Biggest downside is the sensors are huge. Roughly 2in long. I do see mini and micro versions available with smaller 1/8 NPT or even M5 ports, but none are stocked/easy to get ahold of.

Is this a useable reading or just a novelty? In the past I've set pressure with an analog gauge then never looked at it again.
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