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Default Re: Telemetry data of hydraulic pressure

I see that Esprit Model only lists the DC24 as a traytransmitter. It is because the tray transmitters are a lot less popular in the US. The DS range is just as capable as the DC range, you only have two switches more on the DC, but I doubt if that is a problem, with flightfases you can assign the switches to different functions.

If you want to step in without breaking the bank, the DS12 is nice, you can buy optional expansions, and this radio can go up to 16 channels.

The 14 range is only interesting if you don’t need all the expansions, otherwise the price comes to close to the 16 which is fully loaded from the getgo.
You will not going to use all the functionality for construction models, because they are flyer oriented and a lot of functions are only usable for that.

I have, for that reason, bought a second hand DC16 first gen that was a lot more affordable.

The radios are build like a tank and they run on the latest firmware, so completely up to date. If you can find a second hand DS16 your the king, you have 24 channels on the 16 with FW4.0 or higher, so have I on my DC16.

I have build 3D sticks on mine, the stock sticks are so good, I only put the rotation nobs on top of the original sticks, it functions bautifully:

I am still working out the programming, I bought it recently. The old R-series receivers have got a recent update where they support S-bus, the REX-series already does that, so you can use this with a BeierElektronik module for communication.

A 6 channel receiver will do fine, the rest goes over the Beier, you can work with the electronics in a model compact this way.

I hope you can find something, the DS with a tray holder is very usefull, I wanted it in the first place because of the weight and screen on top, but the DC I have now was a great deal so I took it.

Be aware that a second hand unit is multimode, otherwise you don’t have self centering sticks on both sides, they came after 2016.
The serialnumber gives away the productiondate, first two numbers the year, the second pair of numbers the production week.

Good luck!
Greetings from Holland, William

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