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Originally Posted by Wiskybilt View Post
Cant wait to see how productive the rock crusher is
It'll probably be summer, maybe, when I get it operational... winter holiday just about over.

Originally Posted by JAMMER View Post
I don't know Joe that looks petty heavy a piece of iron for just 1/2 inch plywood with out some bracing in the floor under it with a sign saying this side up then this would not have happened. Then again I have seen some tow motor jokiest on docks that could tear up anything. Ed
Yeah, it could've done with some cross bracing, for sure.

Originally Posted by Mikem View Post
How fine will this crusher crush rock ? Stone dust size ?
I got the bottom adjuster screw all the way in, looks to be about 1/4 inch opening. The jaw faces are serrated. That other jaw crusher I got a couple yrs ago from Geneq has a 2x2 inch opening, runs on 1/4hp, that one will crush to dust powder.
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