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Default Re: Midwest Fall Meet ~ Oct. 24 & 25

Originally Posted by Izzy View Post
Y'all gonna miss a good time. It's the only show in the US that Im aware of that we can do what we want.... we can build roads, excavate a mini mine or whaterever. We have space that is all ours, why is it so hard for us to show up and enjoy?
I had planned on coming, had the hotel reserved and all, but had to drop about $500 into my real truck a couple weeks ago. This year has been really busy for me overall, moved to another state, started a new job, bought a house, bought all new furniture, traveled for work for over a month, etc, etc... I'll have to plan on attending next years spring meet. Once I know the dates I will get the time off requested, just like with all the other meets.
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