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Default Meeting in the Detroit Area

Ok, the weather is finally changing and looking to improve at least in our area, so how about we gather those of us in the "local" area of southeastern lower Michigan, Northern Ohio, maybe even the folks from Ontario to talk about and plan to gather to operate/run our trucks and equipment.

This would just be a meeting, gathering, bring your truck, but in a LHS(Local Hobby Shop), that has meeting room space. I would have to confirm date and times available, but would like to know if there is interest in having any type of meeting before I book the room.

So, if you have interest in doing this, you do not need to own a truck or equipment to come to this, or any meeting, just show up if you're interested.
Let me know via response to this posting, include a method of contacting you, or I'll just post on this site. I also posted this same type of message on the MMSTA Facebook page for those that are using FB.

I was hoping to do something yet this month, or in May. Please let me know your thoughts about meeting and trying to get those of us in the Detroit Metro, Northern Ohio, and possibly Ontario, area together.

Thank you, I look forward to meeting new Mini-Truckers, and re-acquainting with those who've already been in this hobby for a while.

Happy Trucking,

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