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Default Re: Wheel Loader Sound System

Originally Posted by skeeter View Post
I have the identical loader, but DON'T have light or sound system in it. Mine has been trouble free for several years & way too many hours to count!
Do you have the manual .. does it show where the sound system would go / how it's hooked up? Are you using channels 1-9?

Because I have absolutely nothing to go on, other than whatever the systems stock settings are, I have the following (using a Flysky FS-i6s):

ch1 left / right
ch2 fwd / bckwd
ch3 raise and lower bucket
ch4 tilt bucket
ch5 hydraulic pump
ch6 unknown
ch7 lights (roof / head / tail)
ch8 beacon
ch9 unknown

Mix 1: Channel 1 master, Channel 5 slave, -100, +100
Mix 2: Channel 3 master, Channel 5 slave, -100, +100
Mix 3: Channel 4 master, Channel 5 slave, -100, +100

Left stick up, boom down
Left stick down, boom up
Left stick left, bucket up
Left stick right, bucket down
Right stick up, Forward
Right stick down, backward
Right stick left, turn left
Right stick right, turn right
SWA - hydraulic pump
SWB - unknown (CH6)
SWC - blank
SWD - blank
VarA - unknown (CH9)
VarB - up / roof lamps
VarB - down / headlights & tail lights
K1 - beacon
K2 - blank

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