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Default Re: Telemetry data of hydraulic pressure

Your DC-16 is absolutely beautiful. The 3D sticks you've added look like a factory option. Very clean integration. Been casually looking for a used Jeti. They're pretty rare in the US and when they do show up the price is rather high. That's very helpful on the multimode, I think I had stumbled across an older radio at one point.

Currently leaning towards the DS-14. It technically does everything I need with only a couple firmware purchases. The plastic gimbals have good reviews. The -16 is a lot more radio for the money, but I'd rather save the cash. I'd spend the savings on accessories like telemetry devices and a tray harness.

Back on the pressure sensor: Spent some time looking for mV/V style output. Not sure what that type of output is called. Ratiometric maybe? Would allow me to use a higher voltage regulated supply to set the output voltage where I can interpret it easily. I was hopeful it would allow a smaller off the shelf sensor, but no such luck. The one in the original post is the best so far despite the large size.
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