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Unhappy Grand Hauler Fender Rub?

First off, glad the site is back. where the great builders are.

I just built an Optimus Prime - Grand Hauler/Trailer. Paint job a nightmare for me. Not a painter but I make do. A month or more to do paint. (dry time, steps, etc...) Said to myself I would never do it because of all the work, but decided to, and came out pretty good. So I really don't want to screw up paint.

My question is, with support legs installed on trailer, those 2 screws hang down, and am worried about it gouging my fender on turns, etc... My Volvo FH-12 got a gouge in it out of no where with a flatbed trailer. I am worried about it for Optimus Prime. It looks to close for me.

So I am asking the best truckers here. Any suggestions to help the problem out? The manual warns about it, I've experienced it with another truck, SS electronics is gone, Beier would be an option but all ready built with MFC. Didn't think about this till the end of build while doing light cable lengths.

There was write ups about it but can't find them? Change the screws? (still to close) Any one have any suggestions? Thought about shimming 5th wheel higher. Not a great idea as it will probably have issues locking and unlocking.

It is a Grand Hauler, Freight/Box Trailer, Support Legs.

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks in advance.
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