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Default Liebherr 954 - Rcbrmin

The Liebherr 954 RC model is aviable from various sources in Asia, both as a finished model, and as a kit. I put my version' of these machines together on behalf of my customers, showing today some pictures bellow of the 4'th 954 I now got in my workshop. This one I've got from Rcbrmin as a kit, while the 3 first ones I got from Faroe at aliexpress as finished models. In the future I will just go for the kit, that do not include the hydraulics, apart from the cylinders, as I do some modifications/upgrades to the structure, so need to have all in parts anyway. Further does the original hydraulics, that comes with the assembled models, usually need some less or more adjustments. The Chinese are improving their RC hydraulics, but I feel they still need to get it a bit more durable over time. The parts for the machine are fabricated in one un-named factory in China, and then other companies/persons in China purchase the parts and put togehter complete models or kits for sale. (There are also a CAT and a Komatsu based on the same platform)

The 954 is a model of a 50 ton machine, weight 18 kg / 40 lbs. It's similar size as the 4200XL, but 3-4cm, 1.5'' shorter reach due to a shorter dipper arm for more digging power/larger bucket than the 4200. It's stated as scale 1/12 in Asia, I don't know why, but it actually is 1:Tamiya scale. It's all steel, spotwelded, not some thin alu plate as the model KAT from another fabricator. The 954 is way surperior to the KAT construction wise, actually exellent steelwork. The undercarrige on these machines looks great, many fine details as the sprocket wheels with 'shaved' teeth that will 'jump' on the tracks when stones jams into the system, and avoid breaking something. i give the RC4WD Volvo's that I sell, the same threatment; 'shaving off some metal from the sprocket wheels.

This last machine will be set up with German valves and pump, a practice I will continue into the future. The raise in retail price for the machine is up 15% compared to the earlier versions I sold with the original hydraulics, but both I and my customers will sleep better in the night

- Boom and dipper arm;
I machine my own bushings and bolt for the main links of the boom and dipper. The bolts coming in the kit give too much play in my view, I need some less play in the links than the Chineese are satisfied with but, original bolts works okay, if you are not too picky)

- Cylinders
Stainless tube, 12mm ID, alu fittings threaded on to the ends of the tube. Pretty well made cylinders, see no reason to change them into som expencive german ones. There are 2 gaskets on the pistons, campared to 1 off on the RC4Wd and Magom cylinders, but just 1 gasket on the rod. The rod gasketes in general are the ones that get most wear and one will see some small leaks starting there first, generally on cylinders. dust, sand tearing on the gasket. I actually ad one more gasket on the rod, to get 2 as on the high end cylinders, just because I can) The rod sealing will last a bit longer with 2 gaskets.

- Undercarrige
Well constructed, stable structure. Only thing I do here is adding some spacers, 9mm (3/8'') under the slewing ring tube (which is screws on to the undercarriage from the bottom) to raise the upper structure higer above tracks. originally there is just like 3mm (3/16'') clearance, and I think it looks better and more to scale with more clearence.

- Upper structure / 'engine room'
The bottom plate is 4mm steel. there are some deflection of the plate in the cab area, and on the opposite side, in the front. Perhaps due to the heating from the cutting of the plate. I use the bench vise and some hand power to straighten it up, as needed.
Drill and taps different new holes in the bottom plate for mounting of equipment. I make some brakets of alu plate for mounting of the electronics, speaker box, keeps them kind of protected from oil.
Made a custom bracket for the battery, up to 8000 mAh. which can be fitted via the hatch cover. The RTR versions from China needs to have the whole motor cover removed in order to access the battery.

- Cab
Fully of steel. No windows supplied, but there are templates which I use to cut out windows of 1 mm Plexi that is glued on the inside of the cab.
A really fine seat are supplied with this rcbrmin kit.

- Hydraulics
Premacon x5 + 1 valve = 6 valves total on this machine. Gets pretty crowded under the hood) I use standard 'big' servos for the valves, with metal gear/ball bearing, mounted on a custom made bracket. Premacon orignally use 'medium' size servos, due to the more compact 1:14.5 machines they build. They are weaker, and breaks down earlier, that's the main reason I did go for the larger servos that are much more powerfull ,17kgcm, will last longer. And there was space enough.

Premacon pump, 900ml/min, with integrated pressure relif valve.
Tank is purcahsed seperately from Rcbrmin, excellent job in stainless steel.

Bellow some first some pictures of previously finished machines, then further on the newest machine with Premacon hydraulics (cirka 3500 USD incl radio, no tax)
The machine comes original in yellow/grey, but i delivered one custom painted in off-whit/grey

Soyland Industrier

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