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Originally Posted by thebigo View Post
Very nice Oyvind, will the structure be as reliable as the xl4200 or around the same quality? Just looking at the joint attachments for the arms they appear to be on single bolt with a Nylock washer, I am sure they all have bushings. Personally for looks proposes I prefer the single shaft capped at both ends, like the bucket is.

Thanks David. The structure on these machines are equivalent to 4200Xl, both rigid and well put together I would say. This is made of all steel, spotwelded, while the 4200 is thicker aluminium plates.
This machine came with some fine machined steel bars with e-clips for all the joints, about 5mm diameter, 3/16''. But no bushings, just the material thickness of the steel plates taking the load (no nylon or other plastics involved with the joints) It will last a good while, steel on steel, but I made some steel bushings for the dipper arm/boom & boom/main platform joints and new steel bolts. There was just too much play with the original setup. The chineese is not much concerned with play in joints at this price level, but they could easily made it all more thigh if they wished, at minimal extra cost) I guess they are mainly focused at easy of installation, not need to hammer the bolts in as I do to get it all thighten up. I just used the original joint setup/parts at the cylinder joints, bucket, bucket links, not an big issue with a bit play there.
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