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Get it out of your system! HERE! You have a gripe,bone to pick, Tamiya vs Wedico or just have to let it out! THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE TO DO IT!

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Old 04-13-2016, 12:21 PM
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Angry AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! To many distractions!!!

Ever start a project and then keep getting more and more "stuff" that you have to take care of first? Tore my only truck apart to begin an upgrade/rebuild and after having about half the new parts collected I started getting the surprised hidden cost of other things in my life. My son is graduating this year, and of course the EX suddenly has no money; so I'm almost a grand deep into that. Wife's second kid got married last weekend, and somehow that cost me a few hundred. All three of the wife's kids have kids, so at 44 I'm a Grandpa and of course I'm going to spend money on them. But the oldest isn't even 2 and Grandma is mentioning a big playset being built in the backyard for them. Ever price one of those? The only light at the end of the tunnel that isn't a train is that with my son's graduation the Ex-Wife payments will come to an end, finally. Of course it will take the State 3 months to make it official. The way it is going, I might have my truck back together NEXT Spring. ****!

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