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Old 07-12-2016, 04:31 AM
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Lightbulb General information - SPI

About me:

Hi, my name is Ivan, born in 1988, live in Croatia (somewhere between Austria and Italy), guess many of you hear about Dubrovnik, our coast, and other beautiful things this small country has to offer. I am in this hobby for 15 years now, and was in to Legos before I discovered true RC models. I was always more interested in building stuff than playing with it. Before all this scale trucks and machinery, I had many RC-cars from 1/18 to 1/5. In the last few years I was into 1/10 drift cars as there was much scale detailng going on in that scene. Than I went to trail trucks and crawlers as there was much more mods on the chassis. And for last I discovered a world of 1/14 and I was

For last 3 years I've been working for a German company that manufacture a full range of well stimulation, drilling, cementing and workover equipment, basicly everything needed for oil and gas industry. I was project leader, in charge of designing new unit in 3D, making drawings for manufacturing, order materials, supervise manufacturing, so everything from first sketch to final product went trought my hands. My main projects were Fracturing pumpers based on a truck, trailer or on a skid. I also planed and did 3D designs of all the hydraulic parts and lines. I paused my work this year to finish my education and get my masters degree in mechanical engineering. My field of study is Technological Computational Engineering, that basicly covers everything about using conventional and unconventional methods of manufacturing parts, design and building of CNC machines, using CNC machines, learning CAD and CAM, Computer Simulation of Production Processes...... I have one more exam in few months and then I am finished.

And thats why all of this begins this year. As until 1.1.2016 I was at work everyday, and than I missed my CAD software, so started working on my own designes based on what I learned at work. Didnt have any intention to make products for sale, but after posting a gear reduction unit I made for Tamiya, there was much interest in it so I had to open my own section.

What I can offer:

I am able to design anything that comes to my or your mind. For production I can 3D print, CNC mill and turn, plasma cut, laser cut, water cut, paint, powdercoat... So I can cover everything. I have 3D printer, mill and lathe in house, and I can outsource the rest when needed.

As I loose to many hours on CAD part as usually I want it to be perfect, its really a waste of my time just to build it for me. So I will offer you all the things a make for myself, after I test them and I am happy with the results. I will be able to offer cheap solutions for people that really just wants do working product, and more expensive solutions for people that like their toy to be an exact and perfect working replica made with the highest quality and precision.

I can also do a custom jobs, or by order if someone, or more people need or want some kind of product they cant find elsewhere, so feel free to ask for something you need.

I hope I can help to make this hobby more fun and interesting for you and many more people.

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