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Lil Giants 07-16-2017 06:15 PM

Due to Photobucket's change of user policy & the mess that has resulted within the forum, there's no longer a time restriction for post edits so OP's can go back to fix old postings.

However, the reason the edit time restriction was implemented 7yrs ago was to put an end to questionable edits of sells & trades postings after agreements were made.

There's still a 2 minute time limit to make edits without edited: shown at the bottom of original post in italics. It's highly suggested you use the "Preview Post" button to look over your for sale thread before clicking "Submit New Thread".

Absolutely NO Edits to original post of thread allowed for any reason. You need to make a change for whatever reason, make a new post! No excuses, no exceptions.

If we see edited: in italics at the bottom of 1st post, thread gets deleted, OP gets an infraction. A PM will be sent to offender with a link to this rule.

We do what we can to keep this forum safe & friendly, 99% are good ppl here, it's the 1% that make rules like this a necessity... don't be in the 1%.

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