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Rimrock 09-11-2020 05:54 AM

Track motors upgrade - PC270 / Liebherr 954 / KAT
Upgrade track motors for the PC270, Liebherr 954 and KAT 1/12-1/14 RC excavators (Faroe, Rcbrmin), or for your DIY project

380 USD for a kit, including shipping world wide (invoices at Paypal)  

The original track motors for the Faroe excavators are not custom made for the models but a general purpose gear motor. The gear motors are of okay quality, but many owners have experienced that they are generally underpowered and got too weak gears to last any longer period of time operating in such heavy models as these excavators.

The upgrade motors got a considerably more 'heavy duty' gearbox where 1'st step is a 1:64 planetary gear and final drive is a 1:3 bevel gear unit of hardened steel orginally designed for high powered 1:10 RC buggies. The housing is of thick walled 3D printed nylon, the motor is a high end German type, from Faulhaber, 17 Watt. (The upgrade motors are of my own design, only sold directly by me)

40 rpm at 12v (similar to original motors, but because of higher power the upgrade motors not drop as much in rpm as the originals under load, and generally keep a higher speed, especially climbing grades)

The upgrade motors are 'bolt on', fits directly in the original brackets. 

I can be reached her on the forum, at email support@rclastebilbutikk1.no or at my Facebook site 'Soyland Industrier' 








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