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Tanque 08-08-2022 04:26 AM

8x8 and 6x6 military trucks
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NIB 1/10 8x8 and 6x6 trucks purchased originally from Rocky's RC. I'm selling because I need the space.
The model trucks are very well made and complete with everything needed except a receiver and transmitter-
They have all metal (aluminum) bodies and drive trains and include a brushed motor, speed controls, an
ESC and lighting. The 8x8 weighs around 30 pounds ready to mail and is about 36"x12"x12" and the 6x6 isn't
much different except it's in a wooden box. I am asking $950 for the 8x8 and 750 for the 6x6- these sold
for much more than this. Plus postage of course.

I've been asked who made these. I don't recall and I cannot find any makers identification on these whatsoever. Could they
be Amewi? I seem to recall that name but I can't prove it. I hadn't looked extensively at the 6x6 truck until this morning( I was still wire-tied to it's packaging. I fond that it also includes a winch, speaker, lighting controls lights and a vibration motor- I assume to simulate the vibration of running. There's an extensive array of LED lights and wiring for these. There's an included steering servo. The frame I found is welded steel and the axles /differentials are heavy cast metal. There is a spare small helical gear which appears steel - it's magnetic. Of course there's a brushed 55T motor included. The body other that the frame is nicely done aluminum and overall it is slightly shorter than the 8x8. I believe the 8x8 comes with all these accessories as well but did not take a detailed inventory. I have added quite a few new photos just for the 6x6 and what comes with it. These are very nice and apparently rare model trucks.

After several inquiries I looked back on my records for these and found the original PayPal invoices. The original costs were 8x8 -$1380.00 and the lighting system was extra and the 6x6 was $980 plus the extra for the lighting system. These were purchased 10/2016. They were both invoiced as "1/10 full metal 6x6 truck full complete package" and "1/10 full metal 8x8 truck full complete package".

If someone wants both I'll take 1550 + postage an absolute steal!
I've included photos both the 8x8 and 6x6! These are in California in the 94521 zip. The 8x8 weighs about 30 pounds without an outer box; the 6x6 is in a thin wooden box but needs an outer box as well so probably weighs close to the 8x8. Shipping on these is extra and likely not inexpensive depending on where a buyer is however you are welcome to pickup personally with appropriate payment.

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