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Default Re: 1:10ish scratch forklift

Speaking of trailer interchangeability, there's also a dolly for trucks other than the M1070 to pull the M1000.

Same jack as the utility, same tiny Arduino nestled underneath. There's an 8-LED bar across the back for turn/marker/reverse/brake.

The hitch was the big engineering challenge here. It tilts both left-right and fore-aft like the one on the '1070

And is a functional fifth wheel, with latch

Again with the paperclip, the handle pulls the snap out and sticks on a little U shaped bit. The center opens until the trailer kingpin slides up against it. Pressure against the center releases the handle and the little spring at the top brings the center around to hold the king pin. Amazingly, that 5mm worth of printed plastic will hold sixty-odd pounds of trailer and Abrams tank!

Obviously this truck won't pull that much (even the HETS has trouble, talk about that when I get to its thread) but it at least can move the trailer unladen.
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