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Default Re: 1:10ish scratch forklift

Originally Posted by sparkycuda View Post
Am I the only one not seeing any pictures? Descriptions seem to indicate there are pictures that are being talked about but I don't see any.

Oh, bugger all. You're using Chrome, I bet, and it's blocking my images as they're http but this thread is https.

You can use another browser (ie Firefox), or you can change Chrome to accept http just for this site, not a catastrophic security risk.

For the latter, I can't post pix to show you, but here's a walk-through of how to fix it on your end. Click the padlock icon in the address bar just left of "", then "Site settings." Scroll down to "Insecure content", which should be set to "Block (default)." Change that to "accept", close the Settings tab, and then click the "Reload" button that's magically appeared in the first tab.

I'll have to look into getting a certificate for my image hosting, but that's spendy, so for now, workarounds will have to do.
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