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Default Re: 1:10ish Alvis Stalwart 6x6 high mobility carrier, wrongest of the wrong

Also jumping around a bit, doing detail work, namely lights and shackles and such on the cab, and a winch because they're fun and cheap. That's the back end of the PLS up there, it gets its own shelf because it's so bloody huge.

Rather than my usual Arduino-heavy setup, this one has very simple lights, just switched on and off with one of those MOSFET gizmos that runs off an aux channel on the RX. Didn't cost more to run the ten channel RX than the six, so simple was appealing. No turn signals or strobes or anything this time. Here's a little power distro board, then, for all the lights:

More outputs than I needed, but I wasn't quite sure how many I'd be able to combine, whether the rears would be 1 or 2 or 4, so ..shrug.. do a bunch and figure I'm covered.

The bedside panels and rear are a curious louvered pattern. Rather than try and fab it, I opted to print this and then glue to a backing of flat styrene:

Each section has a tab for the hinge, and then much glue, so clamp:

I mean, how hard can it be?

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