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Default Re: 1:10ish Alvis Stalwart 6x6 high mobility carrier, wrongest of the wrong

Originally Posted by jerry56 View Post
They are never "perfect" in the builders eyes.... Pretty ingenious way to get it to move. I'm just learning how to use my 3D printer. Mostly remaking parts, but have made a couple basic things for a build I'm working on. I haven't tried gears yet but would love to figure out how to make lead screw threads....
Really a great build....
Well, I can't take credit for the design since it's semi-accurate to the original. I don't envy the crazy people who have Stollies now, though. Keeping my Fiero running is nothing in comparison!

Anyway, as for leadscrews, what are you using to draw, or at the least, are you hip to / have you played with OpenSCAD?

I have a pretty good library for gears I got off github or someplace, the joy of opensource means you don't have to write it yourself. I also had an interest in leadscrews, was looking at doing my own actuator-linear movement thing, but the geometry made my head spin. I did find a library or two where it's been done and didn't get any farther, but can scrounge up the links if they'd be useful.

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