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Default Re: Why can't companies figure out scale?

With scale I believe that a machine that was 14 Meters long should be very close to 1 meter long with motor vehicles the scale should be very close to the original overall length and width overall plus the wheel base should be close no model sold as scale should be more than 5% under/over size.

With the price a lot of models are above £1000 they should look just the same as the real machine they are based on.
I was looking on for a model hydraulic mini digger and came across one that looked great it looked like the manufacturer had taken the time to get it right it was around £4500 and I was thinking that I would save up for one except on reading a bit more I noticed there was no information about what radio it used and at that point I found out it was not a model it was full size I was trying to work out where I could keep it to fit a radio control system but I could not find a place I think it better to forget about it it could have been a great 1/1 scale model��
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