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Default Re: Axle suggestions?

That's really cool, i don't remember ever seeing a Structo Dozer with a Bellydump! A dozer would probably be easier to work with than upfitting a wheeled tractor power unit.

Hmm, a flat OD green with some black or white stencil could work for like an Army Corps Engineers or Navy Seabee vibe.

I was just kicking around Blast, prime, shoot in white, then keep mixing paint shades to try to do the entire thing in grayscale like a black&white picture. Maybe lettered up as an easter-egg for something obscure like "Shandor Mining Company" or "Kelland Mining Company"...
Looks like in the time period these were made, the "Articulated Dump Truck" was just in infantcy, with Dump trailers hooked to the heavy, slow, torquey, and overbuilt power unit machines that were made to pull a Scraper.
So the Heil or Wooldridge power unit could apply to running both the Belly-dump or a Scraper, but not seeing many pics of a Heil with a belly-dump.

The official Wooldridge bottom-dump attachments i'm commonly seeing has a pretty cool ''box slides off trailer floor'' thing instead of bomb-bay doors of the model. They also had a tip up rear dump available.

Heil - Heiliner 2T55, 2T75
Wooldridge - TerraClipper, TerraCobra TC-Y scraper. CobraWagon, CobraHaul dump

Scraper training video

Some Heiliner company info
Doepke possibly inspired by the 2H700 / 2H800 models

Some Wooldridge company info
What do ya mean "Cars are neither Trucks or Construction"?
It's still scale, and i play fairly well with others, most of the time...

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