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Default Re: Axle suggestions?

Looks like the Wooldridge tractor is going to work easier than Heil tractor, fair amount more room inside. It should have room for the bigger black-can 12v 90 degree gearmotors.

I need to look into possible motor swaps for the Silver-can gearmotors i ordered to start with. If i can find some, nice 6v rock-crawler cans could probably turn 'meh' power into a beast
Looks like the smaller silver-can "jsx-370 series" boxes are maybe 370 motors?

The larger black-can "jsx-31yz series"


Also I found another TournaPull build, starts with a Nylint Tourna-rocker then finding drawings for real one and 3D printing. Also has some narrow gearmotor info and motor swaps

What do ya mean "Cars are neither Trucks or Construction"?
It's still scale, and i play fairly well with others, most of the time...

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