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Static Conversions This is the place for all your Bruder cab and trailer conversions.

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Old 07-16-2019, 10:12 PM
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Default Half baked ideas

I don't know about you guys, but i tend to come up with too many ideas i want to build for the amount of time / money available. Here are a few oddballs that have been rattling around inside that scary place in my head.

Cars are much cheaper that semis or construction equipment, so it's a good way to build up your fleet. Plus, if it's weird enough, you aren't going to see another one at a meet. Here are some interesting vehicles with some directions that i think might be fun to take them.

'peanuts club' from japan 1/14 scale - Toyota HiAce van
. Stock minivan, or Bozosoku style with wings, body kit lights speakers...

Motormax 'fresh cherries' 1/16 scale - AMC Pacer
. Stock, beater, or waynes world

Maisto rc - 1/16 1964 chevy c10 truck with harley badges
. Stock, farm truck, resto mod...

Hitari - 1/16 a-team gmc vandura
. Ateam, stock, vanning, work truck...

Newbright corded remote - Highway patrol Chevy Caprice square body
. Police, lowrider, grandma car...

Radioshack - several 1/12 - 1/16 GM lowriders Impalas, ElCamino
. Customize harder, or take it back to Grandma Spec


Then these are going to be more work with needing donors and more involved builds

Tamiya 'lunchbox' body - Dodge Tradesman van
. Work truck, beater, 1970s kustom vanning

Diamond Select - 1/14 1982 DMC Delorean time machine (static model with lights/sound)
. Several BTTF versions,


"Underberg" green Truck, 1930s enclosed bed delivery truck. Part of a Rewards program, not Sold though. Little trailer too if you drink double the amount

Jose Cuervo 'party' school bus, margarita glass display. Looks sized right for tamiya semi chassis. Party bus, school bus, camper, prison bus, pimped like the 'Ghostride' music video...


Something that's been in a pretty Bad Wreck.
- Spiderweb the glass, dents and scuffs, break lenses, wad up bumpers. Trashbag & ducktape repairs
- Possibly skew chassis so it doesn't even drive straight
- Possibly 1 car head-on into something like a pole, or 2 cars damaged like a T-bone or Front-offset.

Something done as a Barnfind. Rusty, filthy, smokes. Maybe flat tire, or offset to ride wobbly. maybe some animals still in/on it.

Moving truck full of dollhouse furnature. Maybe add a container of broken CD cases for 'broken glass' sound each bump it hits or if it can have stuff fall out kinda like a bomber drop setup or planes

Breaking Bad "Los Pollos Hermanos" delivery truck

Jurassic Park/World, or Sinclair gas world fair exhibit Dinosaur Transporter

Pratt Sheetmetal Roll trailer for moving the big scary-tensioned rolls safer than on a flatbed


Jada 'dub city' 03 Lincoln navigator. Escort car, Police, Fire chief, Lowrider

Gk racer Cadillac escalade, maybe do other grill to make GMC. Escort car, Police, Fire chief


Airfix model 'Wallace & Gromit' Austin A35 van
Movie 'anti-pesto', work truck, custom...

Please feel free to add things you've been considering. No hurt feelings if someone takes your idea and runs with it.
What do ya mean "Cars are neither Trucks or Construction"?
It's still scale, and i play fairly well with others, most of the time...

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