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Soyland Industries Custom developed models & parts regarding 1/14 trucks & construction machines

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Old 04-11-2016, 04:27 AM
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Default General information - Soyland Industries


Hi all, my name is Oyvind, born 1972, based in the country of Norway (up there in the north, just east of England I've been working the last 15 years as an mechanical engineer with sub-contractors in the oil service business, doing design of steel structures and mechanical parts. As of 2015/2016 the activity in that business field has dropped as a result of the drop in the oil prices, so I've got a period now that there is some extra time to focus more at one of my hobbies, design and fabrication of parts for the RC hobby) I've got a work shop at home, for the last 12-15 years, with tools like metal lathes and cnc milling machine, more or less specializing the last 5 years towards parts/models within the RC truck & construction field, scale 1:Tamiya. I've grown up in a family that has been involved in the business of owning and operating 1:1 truck and construction machines for a couple of generations, which I guess is the main reason for my interest in this hobby)


A portion of the time I spend now within my hobby is fabricating parts of my own design, which mainly are 'hop-up' parts for existing equipment, e.g for the Leimbach hooklifts, custom 1:Tamiya trucks, Carson trailers, Eagle 4200 excavator. Some parts I fabricate in my own shop, others are from sub contractors such as water jet cut plates and 3D printed parts of plastic and metal. Further I have some construction machines of my own design in development as of spring 2016. Also doing some limited custom 'one off' parts, trucks, hydraulic cylinders, mainly for local customers.

I'm not into offering products that are particularly low cost (others take care of that), my main focus is rather on products with a new/better design, that will last and do a good job over a longer period of time. But I try to keep reasonable prices, first of all it's more about the joy of working with one of my favourite interests and try helping out others within the hobby.


Ordering: I've not got my own website, or online shop, as of spring 2016, but present my products here at 'RC Truck & Construction', also got a site on Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/Søyland-In...3974515103566/ . I can be contacted by private message here at the forum for questions or orders, or via Facebook.

Payment: I take Paypal, or bank transfer (for larger more costly items, like an excavator, it possible be we're talking about bank transfer as the preferred payment option) If it's standard parts, I wait with the payment until the parts are ready for shipping, then ship when I see the full amount is confirmed in my account.

Delivery time: I've just got a limited stock of several parts I offer. Some will be ready for shipping 'at once', other I need some days to fabricate, or prepare for shipping (like 3D metal parts that I've already got in stock but are in need for some finishing work), or we're talking about several weeks for some items. I will give the information concerning possible delivery time in each specific order. When parts are ready for shipping; typical freight time say 2 weeks, some less to neighbour countries in Europe.

Shipping: I usually will ship with traceable letter/parcel via our national postal service (or specialiced freight company if wished by the customer) Typical minimum rates from 20 USD - 40 USD worldwide. Some countries may not have that reliable postal service, combined with very long delivery time. I might choose to say 'thanks, but no thanks' concerning shipping to certain addresses/countries, sorry.

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