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Sound Systems tech This section is dedicated to the sound systems for our models. Tamiya MFU, Servonaut, etc.

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Old 03-02-2014, 11:49 AM
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Default Need help with my Servonaut SMT module

Hey all. If anyone can point me in the right direction with running a servonaut SMT would be great.
Manual is in German, I went to the site and unfortunately there is no English version available. The receiver leads are straight forward, throttle and horn. I connected power, speaker and the throttle lead. Green light on the board but no sound. Then I realized unlike a MFU that starts with power on , this thing needs some kind of proportional control to get it to start? What is the command? Is it cycling the horn or right stick vertical axis to start?

Anyway, like I said, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Old 03-02-2014, 12:29 PM
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Default Re: Need help with my Servonaut SMT module

I'm not an expert on this Mario, but in my experience there needs to be a "neutral" position.... the horn is in the opposite position of the starting. My models are set to cycle the "cranking" then flip back to neutral and it starts...if it's not "centered" when you power it on then all bets are off.

I use a rotary switch to start all of mine, you may try it on another channel to get the feel for it, then switch to a joystick after. Hope this helps some.

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Default Re: Need help with my Servonaut SMT module

If you go to the site download the German manual Copy all text to a Word Document an click translate and you will get a good English manual.
Like this page one. hope it works ;0)

SMT. But this is for safety reasons
generally recommended.
s the red cable to the positive pole of the battery
connect the black wire to negative.
Note: The connecting or switching off the
Engine noise via a control channel
on the transmitter!
Use supply at 12V
speakers with an impedance of
8 Ohms or higher. Allowed only if 7,2V-Betrieb
4 ohm loudspeakers are connected.
The sound module has a particularly
high-performance power amplifier. Therefore, always pay
on the rated power handling of the speaker.
speaker with less than 8W at 12VBetrieb
and less than 5W at 7,2V-Betrieb
When damaged to high volume can
be. Special caution is for miniature speakers
For optimum sound, the speaker is
to choose as large as possible. The installation in
associated with a sufficiently large
Box (speaker) is optimal, but in
Practice unfortunately rarely possible. It is recommended to install in the
Under the roof or as high up in the cab
Rear panel.
Volume control
The volume control is in the model in a hidden,
attached but accessible place. The cable should not directly
be carried on the motor or the motor connection cables along,.
otherwise, errors can be heard. To adjust the volume
first switch on the engine noise of the remote control!
Status LED
In addition to the connection cables is a green LED for function control
installed. The LED flickers, when signals from Servonaut Speedo
or the receiver must be recorded. The module goes into the
Standby mode, if the drive control unit or receiver switched off
will. In this mode, it flashes LED at larger intervals.
Switching channel Starter/Horn
starter, Horn and Horn are an extra switching channel
pressed. Can a free channel on the transmitter to either
Cross stick or be used with switch. The switch must be
have three positions, a switch type is most suitable with
Quiet position in the middle and button function in both directions.
Note: The channel turns on only when the motor or lower
Speed (!) in one direction the engine noise to or from. The
starter motor can be activated to do so indefinitely, the engine starts
but only for a short activity actually on. This is also the
Simulation of startup problems possible. Is the channel for running
Engine noise switch, the switch-off sounds. Only when the
Let go of the stick or switch back to center position
Compressed air will be drained. The SMT generated but no
Compressed air noise on the T20/M212/M220.
When actuation of the stick or switch in the opposite direction
the Horn is thrown. The truck horn can sound indefinitely
and is also at the same time listen to the rear driving warning.
Note: Must for the switching channel on the transmitter if available
all additional functions such as "Dual-Rate", "Expo", trim, servo travel
etc. turned off or be in the normal setting. With "servo
Reverse"or by changing the transmitter (depending on type), which can
Assignment of the switching channel can be turned around. Problems with
the switching channel please connect a servo to check:
Servo Centre and both full deflections must accordingly
to be selectable.
Below or next to the connection cables for the channels and the
Volume control are three jumpers A, B, C for the following
Adjustment options:
Function scope
The sound engine SMT uses trucks and models
a modern wavetable synthesis for the production of sound, such as
It is now the custom also in music synthesizers. These are original
Shots of the engine noise of a truck, a truck Horn
and other typical sounds digitally stored and are
reproduced from the sound module in high quality.
A special feature of the Servonaut sound module is the very
realistic adaptation of the engine noise of the engine speed
and the driving situation. This is the noise in sound and
Volume changed. In addition, the play differs
When the speed/throttle and brake. Through the
sophisticated electronics and a powerful signal processor
are all changes in the sound "seamless" without audible
Transitions or levels. The SMT sound module offers:
-any long cranking
-Simulation of possible startup problems
-dynamic engine sound
-two sound versions of United States/Europe (A jumper)
-Parking noise
-two sound versions of a truck Horn (jumper B)
-Reversing warning tone (only at Servonaut controls at Euro-sound)
Using SMT to Servonaut speed controllers of the types K and
F are more extensive setting options via its on-board computer
given. In addition is also in the Getriebeschalten a
realistic engine sound.
Connection of the SM +
SMT can use the programmable sound module SM +
be extended. Thus, up to four more own noises are
The servo cable with the black plug from the SM + is on the
bottom row of the connector to the cable exits the
SMT with the Brown wire attached to the outside.
SMT can either via the drive battery or a separate
Battery supplied. Only the receiver supply is switched off,
the sound module automatically goes into a standby mode
with only 15mA of current consumption. The battery must therefore only when
longer travel breaks or separated during transport and overnight
Sound module for
Model vehicles
Scope of delivery
1 x SMT module with cable and volume control
1 x manual software V104
Technical data
Battery voltage: 7,2 to 12V from battery
or separate battery
Output power: at 7, 2V 4,5W into 4 Ohms
at 12V 8W into 8 Ohms
Additional noise: Expandable with SM +.
Standby current consumption: approx. 15mA
(Still) current consumption: approx. 50mA
maximum power consumption: approx. 2A for a short time
Plug-in system: UNI
Signal processing: for positive pulses
Signal timing: 1 to 2ms at 40 to 60 Hz
Connection cable: approx. 30 cm
Temperature range: 0... 40 ° C
Dimensions: approx. 70x43x15mm
4/2007 software V104
-United States/euro plugged bridge A is the engine noise
deep and the idling speed is low, as in
U.S. trucks with large displacement practice. Also the
Maximum speed is lowered. At remote
Bridge A (euro-sound) sounds in addition to the
Reverse or when inserted
Reverse (only for Servonaut speed controllers,
not at the E20) the prescribed warning tone.
-Horn1/Horn2 are two sound variation for the bridge B
Truck Horn to the selection.
-ServoN / others to operate of the SMT at Servonaut speed controllers
(Excluding E20) is to use the bridge C, for
to remove the operation of other control units.
Note: when operating the SMT a Servonaut knob K or F
are the bridges for United States/euro or horn only in function, if in the
ExtraMenü for Extra6 a 0 is set.
Connection with conventional cruise control
The sound module SMT is in this case between receiver and
Speed controller inserted. Will the cable "ServoN/Gas"
put in place of the speed controller to the receiver channel and the
Speed controller to unplug this including "AIR/control". The
Module is designed for use with / Rückwärtsreglern, the
have no separate brake range. The jumper C
"ServoN / others" must be removed. Set the trim
so one of the travel channel, that in the centre position the engine noise
minimum speed has and then compensate you the cruise control on these
Setting off.
Connection to Servonaut speed controller
The sound module SMT is in this case directly on the servonaut
Cruise control is operated. The cable "ServoN/Gas" is the
Drive controller output stuck "AIR Sound" or "Sound". Please on
pay attention to correct polarity! A possibly existing AIR transmitter for the
Trailer module AMO can now at the socket "AIR/control" of the SMT
be operated. Must the jumper C "ServoN / other
be plugged.
About the onboard computer of the Servonaut multi function modules of the
Series K and F are additional adjustments of the extra
Menu available:
-Extra 1 = deflate (0.3 =, order = off)
-Extra 2 = idle speed (8 levels)
-Extra 3 = maximum speed (8 levels)
-Extra 4 = basic sound (99 steps)
-Extra 5 = sound change (99 steps) throttle/brake
-Extra-6 = options (see table)
In addition two more sound available for
the Horn to the selection. Important note: when the operating
at the trial T20 and the double pullers M212T or
M220 suppresses the air release automatically.
Delivery is at Extra2 Extra6 each
0 registered, so that preferences are
used according to the jumpers on the SMT
(see table). The jumpers are nonzero values
United States/euro and Horn without function.
In principle the transmitter must first
be switched on, then only the model electronics
with the SMT, so as an unintentional solicitations
avoiding SMT. Present the first
Commissioning nearly the volume control on the left
Stop and increase the volume until after
the engine noise is turned on. Make sure
to that for Servonaut controllers through the on-board computer
Extra2 are initially set to 0-6.
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Default Re: Need help with my Servonaut SMT module

Thanks so much guys! The info helped and my truck now has sound!


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Old 03-02-2014, 01:37 PM
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Default Re: Need help with my Servonaut SMT module

Choo Choo Go Trucking Sir ;0)
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