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Old 04-11-2016, 09:17 AM
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Default Leimbach Hooklift - 'Hop-up' parts

Parts presented bellow are hop-up parts for the Leimbach Hooklift (Tamiya size)

#18010 Main frame extension kit, +25 mm. 70 USD (+shipping)
This kit will bring the roller in the back of the hooklift, further 25 mm backwards. For those who wish a short container overhang, and more clearance to e.g. a trailer hitch and eear bumper during tipping of a container.

#18011 Roller kit, custom Ø22x19mm. 36 USD (+shipping)
Wider rollers for the hooklift unit. Bolts right on to the original shaft. With this kit installed it will be easier and quicker to load containers onto the truck, as one don't need to be lined up that straight, as with the original narrower rollers.

#18012 Auxiliary lift cylinder Ø14x20 . 240 USD (+shipping)
This hydraulic cylinder to be placed vertically beneath the hooklift frame, and are designed especially helping the main cylinders in push during the first short vertical distance with a heavy loaded container, until the main cylinders get a better working angle and can push with enough force themselves. The first version of the Leimbach Hooklift (pre 2011) didn't have an auxiliary cylinder, while the newer hooklifts have two smaller auxiliary cylinders. The Soyland Industries cylinder have a stroke of 20mm, which is about double stroke of the original auxiliary cylinders and tipping of heavier loads can be achived.

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