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Die-Cast Conversions Tech. The tricks of installing drive line and electrical components into die-cast models.

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Old 07-27-2016, 08:50 AM
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Default Re: 1/16 Oliver Dozer Conversion

I think it is going to work. I have one real loose and one tight side and at this point no good way to control tension. This particular die cast uses springs on the front rollers for tension but the travel is short and not designed for this sort of use. I haven't figured out just how yet, but I plan to make the rear motor pod adjustable in some sort of sliding action.

The blade lift servo seems to do okay, more testing required. Really frustrates me that the specs of the sabertooth controller and spec of a hitec 645MG indicate that it should work fine, but obviously that ain't true! FYI, even when I ran a separate bec for the RX from the same power source it acted the same way. So, that makes me think the sabertooth is putting out some funky RF causing the RX to act up. All this behavior is while the servo is sitting idle, so it must really be drawing some power even idle?

I should have also mentioned that if the RX is powered by a different battery completely isolating the RX, AND servo from the motor controller that then it all works. This is exactly how I ended up doing it in my crane. Don't have room for a second battery in the dozer.

Anyhow, enough bitching, here is the bench test video!


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