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Anything RC Picture and Video Gallery If you have other Rc's Planes/Buggy's/Crawlers and cool videos you have found and want to share them here is the place.

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Old 12-20-2020, 06:12 PM
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Default 1969 El Camino - custom / lowrider

It's not Trucks or Contruction, or even a scale that will play nicely with anything. This is toy grade 1/12

I really shouldn't share this project until i've tracked down a couple more of these old things, but i like you guys. Besides, the other people who can't afford a Redcat 1964 impala are raising the prices on these anyway.

Back around 2001 (08A01) RadioShack came out with a line of rc lowriders. 58 impala coupe, 64 impala coupe, 67 impala coupe, and 69 el camino. The 64, 67, 69 all had the same chassis that had a solid front, but could raise and lower the rear, and hit a 3-wheel. The 58 chassis would only do front and back. At the time it was not spectacular enough to get me away from just buying ZipZaps.

A while later (just after they went discontinued) a couple guys figured out many improvements on these chassis, then even went on to scratch building better ones to put under the bodies.

Eventually while looking for ideas for my lowered Split-Window VW truck that got 'air-ride', i again ran across the Jevries style builds on these. ****, i kinda want one now, if nothing else it'll scale to building a front end under my CrazyTaxi build later.

The cheapest one i could find arrives and starts getting worked over. Customs are always 'Built not Bought'.

I realized I can't make a dropped bed full of Batteries and Pumps and hardlines and fake wiring due to the moving rear pod stuff. Next best thing i can figure for scale is make a tonnau cover with a corner unsnapped and the ground disconnect hanging out.

Anyway, sharing the chassis mods will come a little later if anyone wants to take a ride.
What do ya mean "Cars are neither Trucks or Construction"?
It's still scale, and i play fairly well with others, most of the time...
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