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Old 10-18-2018, 08:48 PM
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Default Foroe 954 OR 4200xl What's the best choice

Hello everybody
I just joined this great site and I have a few questions
I hope I'm in the right place
I have been looking at the two excavators but I'm not sure which will be the best value
The 954 looks great has nice detail
The 4200 XL claims to have real digging power
When I read the specs I'm not seeing a lot of difference
So to somebody like myself who is keen on a hydraulic excavator.
Can anybody give me information on the two.
Are They equally matched in power and quality has anybody tested the two I've Googled tests on them. there is plenty on the 4200 XL but I can't find anything on the 954 what's your thoughts
I prefer the look of the 954 but I want something that actually digs
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Old 10-19-2018, 07:04 PM
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Default Re: Foroe 954 OR 4200xl What's the best choice

Hi, I do maintenence on both machines and test drive them now and then. i have had them in '1000 pieces' and put them togheter again. Or '10 pieces', there are not so many Well, actually they are both quite simple and sturdy in the structure, which is good. 954 is welded steel plates, 4200 of 1/4" aluminium, no big difference there. Quite similar performance in digging when correct tuned. The 4200xl is first generation chineese rc excavator, but have gotten better hydraulics and electronics since first introduced. The 954 is a newer and generally better designed machine I will say, from another manufacturer that I feel listen more to the dealers/customers and works more with development and improvements. The 4200 have a some better hydraulics (valve and pump, less good cylinders), but the 954 is better on the rest I would say; turret motor runs faster, faster and stronger track motors (4200 track motors is from some toycar, weak, but upgrades are avaiable) looks more realistic, a 50 ton machine in about scale 1:14 (some sellers might write another scale, but this is the correct one) while the 4200 is a 25 ton machine in scale 1:12 (one can see the cab is a bit too big for 1:14) The 4200 have 1.5 inch longer reach, but the 954 have bigger bucket. The 954 valves and pump is/was a weakness, not last so long on the 3 off first machines I was familiar with 1-2 years ago. They might have made the better now, I don't know. One can run them as long they last, then upgrade. I now only take home the 954 as a kit without original hydraulics (from RCbrmin) then pick valves and pump from other suppliers. To put together a excavator from the ground up take quite some knowledge, but one are able to get a longer lasting machine than the RTR ones. The 4200 pump will last longer, and is not too costly, while I go for Lesu valves. Optimum pump is a german one, from Premacon, more costly, but last for years. Anyway, a RTR of either of these machines can be a good starting point, and will get better with modifications along the way. As you already have guessed, my number 1 is the 954, looks great.
Soyland Industrier

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