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Get it out of your system! HERE! You have a gripe,bone to pick, Tamiya vs Wedico or just have to let it out! THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE TO DO IT!

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Old 03-02-2018, 07:51 AM
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Default Why can't companies figure out scale?

If you sell a "1/14 car", it should be *somewhere* around 1/14 and not slightly smaller than a 1/18 scale diecast of that same car!

I'll give them about 2 scales either way. 1/12 and 1/16 can play with 1/14 and not look too weird. A lot of 1/10 scale rock crawlers are closer to 1/8. Your square body chevy, my cherokee, and his samurai body looking ok on the same chassis, axles, and tires will induce some weird offsets so whatever. I'm ok with that. That's fitting an aftermarket body to a chassis or racing rules.

But i can't give them that on a hard body that they made a custom body and chassis for. I'll give them artistic license to not have perfect angles, wrong bumpers, missing lights, weird tires... So much of how they do scale is flagrant stupidity.
If you make a 1/18 ambulance or 1/24 bus call it that! It's not magically 1/14 just because bumper te bumper length is the same as a 1/14 miata!

A "1/14 scale" 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor Futura Duplex
Vs 1/18 scale 1959 Cadillac Superior Crown Royal Landau 3-way

How can i build a 23 foot long, 7 foot wide retired death mobile of awesomeness out of this?

Seriously! Why you no math?
What do ya mean "Cars are neither Trucks or Construction"?
It's still scale, and i play fairly well with others, most of the time...

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