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Forum Rules These are the rules for conducting yourself on the forum

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Default Rules

General Rules and Guidelines

Basically this is a family oriented site. Keep language, images, posts, etc PG-13. No Flaming will be tolerated, if you have a problem with a member, contact a mod or admin. Do not attack someone on the board by making a post.

We are not responsible for anything posted on this board by our members, we are also not responsible for any buy/sell/trade transactions by our members!

General Guidelines for Posting

: RESPECT OTHER USERS! We try to make this a friendly forum, and we have a tolerant attitude for just about anything you want to post here, as long as it's RC-related and not offensive. You may choose to disagree with some one's opinion or technique of a build, but only polite constructive criticism will be accepted. Run your mouth & we'll run you right out of here.

:The author of a thread will undoubtedly appreciate any one's injecture of ideas to his/her builds, however it's a matter of respect to the author of his/her own thread for some one else not to hijack the thread with several pics/script of their own build(s) within author's own build thread, unless otherwise given permission by author to do so.

: We're always open to Welcome New Members & would appreciate an introductory of yourself. Whatever you care to share... where are you from, how you found the forum, married w/children or not, occupation, how long you been in the rc hobby and/or what other aspects of the RC hobby you have participated in other than trks/constr, ect or just say Hi, my name is....

: Think before you Post. Yes, we babble a lot, and we give each other quite a hard time sometimes, but there are lines we don't cross. If you think about what you're saying, everyone will be happier.

: Advertising: No forum member, be it regular, Vendor, Hobbyshop or member who owns a web site outside of the forum that sells hobby products, works for someone who does or is in any way affiliated with one is not allowed to put up links and/or banners for that site in the open forum, signatures, or avatars. No Vendor or Hobbyshop can personally talk specifics of their services on the open forum either, that's what your own sub forum is for. However, any regular member can post a link if it is directed towards a question asking about parts or is showing parts they are interested in or have bought from a Vendor or Hobbyshop of this forum or from an outside web site. This rule is to stop advertising in build threads as we want the threads to be about the builds not just who can put up the most ads. We know members want to show support for their suppliers of parts but there are better and more creative ways to do it.

: If you're wanting to mass sell RC related goods, then there is a fee which must be paid to the Administrator & either a Vendor's forum or a Hobby Shop forum will be set up for you. Also, this forum protects those Vendors who thought of "it" first... meaning, we won't allow some one else to make the same part & sell "it" for less.

: This is NOT a Democracy! The rules are the rules, and if you can't play nice, you won't play at all. We don't marvel at banning people, but we'll do it to make the site a better place.


: The Buy/Sell/Trade forum is for long established members to trade goods amongst themselves. Newcomers looking to dump their hobby -> take it to eBay.

: All members to the forum are allowed viewable privileges to the Buy/Sell/Trade forum immediately upon registration. The member initiation period is 50 posts and 3months since join date before any posting of sales or want to buy threads. Both settings have to be achieved. You are free to view but restricted to post till you hit 50 posts. But you could post after 50 b/c we can't instate the 3month restriction too into the forum settings. We're watching, listings from members less than 3months old will be deleted. Just to be thorough, this means NO wanted or for sale/trade threads are to be posted anywhere else on the forum before or after you've gained access to the Buy/Sale/Trade forum!

Albeit, a new member under three months & 50 posts can not post to a seller's thread wanting to buy an item, said member's best course of action is to send a Personal Message to the Seller with questions or request to buy said item. However, feedback can not be left for either party in this type of transaction!

: Post whoring, ie: "nice build" or "that's awesome" several times to several threads daily to boost your post count, whether or not it's primarily for access to SELL privileges, doesn't do much to build character & let others get to know you prior to doing trade with you in the B/S/T. And quite frankly, it annoys the **** out of the rest of the membership who check out "fresh" threads of their interest for new updates only to see such worthless comments within by the same individual offender repeatedly! Such continual style of posting by any one individual will result in your posts being deleted, your post count reset to zero & a demerit point on your record. Three strikes & you're out of here!

Rules for the B/S/T and Vendors forums are listed in sticky threads at the top of each forum.

We reserve the right to amend or change the rules at the discretion of Administrators and or Moderators

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