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NEW RULES! Venders, suggest you read it! Rules for venders and members

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Old 02-11-2011, 11:21 PM
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Default Rules and Information.New update!


#1 Vendors will go through an approval process which includes a submission of a drawing or pic of product and a written description to be approved by the moderators. This also includes current vendors who wish to add new products. All new submissions will be submitted to fhhhstix.
#2 If you the seller give a buyer a date of completion,you best make sure it is done on that date! Unless you have a really good reason,& that will only fly once!
#3 The most money to be put down on an order will be 1/4 of the finished cost. The rest of the money will be paid when job is done!
#4 If a vendor on this forum has a design for a product,you will not come out with the same design! If you want to make the same product make your own design. If you don't and copy another vendor,you won't be selling it on this forum!
#5 If you try to sell someones product other than your own under your vendors forum.you will be gone!
#6 You will keep the banners for your products in the vendors forum.NOT on the open board!
#7 The most product items aloud per vendor is 20.If you feel you need to sell more.Open a hobby shop! Hobby shops are retailers in the vendor section.
#8 If you feel these rules do not apply to you the seller,best start packin! Because if one of my mods or myself see you breaking one of these rules.We will send you packing with no hesitation!
Give an informative description of what you are offering to the members. Project build threads could be a formal means of advertisement for customer specific orders, the entire forum can see the interaction of the two parties involved, and it also offers a simplistic route to settle disputes should they arise.

Premade products
1: Price
2: Description
3: Picture

1: Rude comments towards vendors' products here or on the open forum will not be tolerated & will be removed. If you do not like them or their products, refrain from embarrassing yourself. You may offer tactful, mature constructive criticism. However, if the Vendor and/or Admin staff find it offensive, it will be removed.
2: Use the feedback forum for you purchases and let other members know how the purchase went.
3: Be kind and courteous to each other because the Admin staff will be watching this section of the forum closely.

This forum is for registered vendors. Each vendor will have their own section to advertise their products and discuss them with their customers. For information of what's involved to be a Vendor or to set up a Vendor section, contact an Admin or Super Moderator.

Rules and information are subject to change as necessary.

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